What a beautiful day!!

WOW!! It is the month of November and today it reached 75 degrees in Massachusetts. It was an awesome day to enjoy whatever you love to do outside. I love the beautiful warm weather. It is so uplifting to me and raises my spirits in all ways. On Thursdays I meet with my sister Jeanne for lunch. She lives about a half hour away so we have a ritual where we meet for lunch (outside only) then we get a great cup of ice coffee and find a place by the water to just sit and talk. Our family has been decreased to just the two of us. We have each other and we hang onto that beautiful gift. We lost our baby sister Mary, our brother Johnny, our sister Debbie, our Dad and our Mom. We made it through all the losses because we have each other. In my life and my sister's, family is so important. It is our stronghold a solid link. We have each other and we love each other very much. Love is what it is all about. If you have a loved one tell them how much you love them. You never know what tomorrow holds, especially in today's world. If you have had a disrupt in your relationship find it in your heart to reach out to them. You will not be sorry. Your heart is full of love don't bury your love by the little piece of your heart that will not let it go. Sending you God's love and sending you the angels to surround you with their guiding beautiful light. Blessings Jacqui

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