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Will to Live ! Life is what you make of happy and smile.

Hello my Conquerors, Warriors, Family and Friends!! Blessings to all of you today.

No one has lived another's life. N0 one knows where that person is coming from. Your mind, your spirit and your "will to live" strengthens your body to be strong!! It is your body and your spirit that works together. The body always needs a positive boost so why not give it the best boost ever. I had a friend(s) ask me "Are you in pain, Jacqui ?" I feel anyone that asks me that always want me to say "No, I am fine". They don't want me to be in pain and they don't want to feel that uneasiness of having a friend suffer. I know my sister was in so much pain through her lung cancer diagnosis and treatment. I would ask her all the time how she was feeling. I wanted to hear YES, I feel fine. I felt it wasn't fair the she was suffering and I was not. I felt she got an unfair deal of the deck, and I did not. It wasn't fair I thought, that she was sick and I escaped it. I think I felt kind of guilty and I hurt so much from seeing her in pain. So when my dear friend(s) asked me how I feel I say "No, I am fine!". I look at my life sometimes as an ocean tide. The tide comes in and the tide goes out. I ride the powerful unpredictable waves with the power of my positive attitude and fight the strongest wave. I make it through each day always ready to ride the waves of life. My positive, spirit, the power of prayer and the hope and sometimes a thread of hope keeps me hanging on. Life is never the same. It changes everyday and we never know what each day will give us. So again as as I have said. Live for today to the fullest and smile a lot. Give someone a big smile you will see how you just made the world a better place. Blessings and love to all of you!! Jacqui DeLorenzo

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