You can always find joy in your journey through life.

Last week was my mom's first anniversary of her passing to her new life in heaven. It was also my brother Johnny's birthday in heaven. He was only 13 years old when he passed away from leukemia many years ago. My sister and I brought my mom a beautiful red plant and my brother a white rose. My mom loved the color red and my brother's pure spirit made the rose a perfect addition to where their casing lay to rest. It was a touching week with many beautiful memories that we remembered as we "talked" to them during our visit. Although we miss them so much at times we chose to find joy in our visit. Even though their loss was so sad we knew in our hearts that the casing that their soul lived in was at rest. The joy in our journey was the beautiful memories and thoughts that no one could take away from us. The joy in knowing that they were no longer suffering and that they were happy with all the ones they loved and the ones who loved them. The joy was knowing that they are happy in the arms of Jesus and free of all their pain. The joy is that they are joyous, happy, content and peaceful. How could one not feel the Joy.

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