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Blessings to everyone. How do you look at life. A cup that is half full or a cup that is half empty. The way you look at life is the answer on how happy or unhappy you are. When you look at a Dandelion do you see a beautiful flower or do you see it as a weed. A dandelion is actually a weed but to me it is beautiful. The yellow represents the beautiful sunshine that shines off of it. The orange center is its brightness and its life. Later it turns white and fluffy and invites you to pick it up and blow on it while making a wish. How sweet of a "flower" could that be. Even the Dandelion weed finds a way to be beautiful, positive and full of life. So, even if your life feels like a weed turn your life around and be like the Dandelion. It is happy, beautiful and full of life. It doesn't mope or waste its life in drudgery it is always positive to the very end. There is always beauty, hope and happiness . Have a beautiful day my friends.

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